AXLEMETAL was founded in 1998, it is a manufacturer of all kinds of axle spindles, such as Trailer axle spindle, RV axle spindle, solid spindle, hollow spindle, straight spindle and drop spindle.

Material: 20Mn2, 1043H, 1045H, etc.

Weight: 0.86kg - 80kgs

We can also supply Axles, Suspension and other Axle parts, including axle beam, brake drum, wheel hub, landing gear, knuckle, bevel gear, slack adjuster, air brake chamber, brake camshaft, leaf spring, bearing, brake lining, brake shoes, brake disc, spider, king pin, brake valve, the fifth wheel, bolt and nut, etc.   

Customers are from more than 40 countries such as Germany, USA, Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, etc.

All the products are certified by TS 16949 and have been verified by our customers for long time.